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I am excited to continue developing my expertise in Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems through new opportunities that are available in the Central Coast. I have created this website to showcase many of the skillsets I have gained through jobs, education, and self-study, and as a portfolio of example work I have created. Quick to learn and master new technologies and skills, I am always looking for a new challenge ahead.

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GIS/IT Analyst
Rincon Consultants
  • -Create field and production GIS maps for various environmental reports including EIRs, BRAs, Phase 1 & 2 ESAs, Cultural Resources, City Planning, Noise and Air Quality, Transportation Plans, Health Risk Assessments, Storm Water and Watershed Management Plans, Climate Action Plans.
  • -Ensure data accuracy and quality standards are met. Build maps in a variety of mediums including: standard page size, 11x17, map books via data driven pages, poster maps, picture/jpeg format.
  • -Perform simple and complex GIS analysis to be included in reports: acreage calculations, highly complex impact calculations, point density, at-risk areas, and elevation/contours in QGIS.
  • -Maintain/update/catalog both internal and external data sets and base map layers from public and private organizations.
  • -Utilize ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create maps, graphics, and other illustrations.
  • -Convert, digitize, and re-create data from various sources: GPS/Trimble data, AutoCAD documents, hand markups and drawings, PDF documents, Illustrator documents.
2012 - Current
GIS Assistant
California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo
  • -Assist with planning and development for Hind River Ranch online GIS mapping project.
  • -Digitize features from aerial imagery in ERDAS Imagine 3D Stereo Analyst and ArcGIS
  • -Edit existing feature classes for accuracy, applying topology rules and smoothing lines/curves.
  • -Prepare and design maps, metadata, and finalized layers for project report.
June 2012 - Oct 2012
GIS Consultant
Savvy Maps, LLC.
  • -Digitize wine regions throughout the United States for online GIS Database.
  • -Utilize USGS Maps, Google Maps, Aerial Imagery, ESRI Basemaps, and PLSS Data to create data.
  • -Research data formatting and preparation standards for region lines and polygons.
June 2012 - Oct 2012
Cadastral Mapping Intern
County Assessor's Office (San Luis Obispo)
  • -Conduct planning, research, and implementation of County Parcel Fabric Migration Project.
  • -Digitize Parcel maps in AutoCAD, referencing tract maps and records of survey for quality control.
  • -Researched GIS Parcel Fabric best practices in collaboration with county Assessor offices.
  • -Performed data conversion methods from AutoCAD to ArcGIS.
June 2011 - Aug 2011
Foresty Technician
US Forest Service | TEAMS
  • -Developed a WIN/WIT “Roads Inventory Project” with a team of four.
  • -Designed a Data Dictionary form with Trimble Pathfinder Office software.
  • -Performed field testing of Data Dictionary on Forest Service roads using GeoXT devices.
  • -Generated Maps in ArcGIS from field data for future administrative decisions.
  • -Created and edited an associated 38-page guide of project methods for use of future field teams.
May 2010 - Aug 2010
Network Technician
Family Healthcare Network
  • -Worked in IT Department to service company network, computers, printers, and software in a 600+ employee healthcare network with facilities spanning nine cities.
  • -Developed LAN/physical network troubleshooting, installation, and repair skills, including running wire, terminating cable to wall jacks or patch panels, cable testing, phone cable termination.
  • -Installed and upgraded hardware/software/printers, provided basic copier service, setup Cisco IP phones, imaged and setup dumb terminals/thin clients, managed inventory of hardware in healthcare centers.
  • -Ran helpdesk and on‐call shifts as first response to IT issues, completed or elevated IT work orders as necessary.
  • -Earned CompTIA Network+ Certification, Employee of the Month award, and consistently held top position for most work orders completed.
2005 - 2007
Technology Coordinator
Buena Vista School District
  • -Performed maintenance and upgrades of hardware and software for campus PCs.
  • -Setup small Active Directory server for student lab and managed the library software.
  • -Installed and configured a Linux‐based Firewall, NAT, and DHCP server for the school campus.
  • -Trained both students and teachers in available technology for learning and education.
  • -Designed and maintained website for the school district.
2004 - 2005
Computer Consulting Services
Various Clients
  • -Provide computer, network, and other IT services to both home and business clients.
  • -Zenz and O’Sullivan: Install and repair PCs, network, and printers as necessary. Installed file server with access restricted shares, and RAID 0 for data redundancy. Setup website for business information and property listings.
  • -Trinity Lutheran Church: provide onsite and remote software and hardware support, setup wireless network, designed church website, troubleshoot basic software issues remotely using desktop sharing program.
  • -Home Users: Provide virus and ad‐ware clean up and prevention services. Repair and installation of software and hardware. Build or maintain computers and home networks. Setup internet connections and peripheral devices. Train clients on use of new technologies and computing methods.
Cal Poly SLO

Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences

Minor Geographic Information Systems

Cal Poly Diploma
Cal Poly SLO

Cisco Certified Network Associate

Earned on 1/27/2012 (Currently Studying for Renewal)

Cal Poly SLO

CompTIA Network+ Certified

Earned on 3/13/2007

Cal Poly Diploma
Cal Poly SLO

California Bureau of Real Estate License

Earned on 6/15/2015

Real Estate License

ESRI Virtual Campus Training

  • Python for Everyone
  • Understanding Geographic Data
  • Introduction to Editing Parcles Using ArcGIS Desktop 10
  • Managing Parcel Data Using ArcGIS 10

Adobe Software Suite

  • Adobe Acrobat CS6
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6